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Welcome to Port Perry’s favorite OFF LEASH and longest running dog walking business in Port Perry .

We specialize in socialization for dogs of all ages.  It makes all the difference to your dogs health when you choose an experienced dog walker


It's great for their confidence and social skills too. They get the physical and mental stimulation they need to prevent boredom and anxiety at home while you are out for the day.  What's more, all the dogs they play with are hand picked to be suitable. Puppies benefit from this the most learning all the skills of dog language they will need for life. Start early.

The above link is a favorite of mine.
 If you want a new family member that lives on affection and loves children, a Smooth or Rough Collie may be the dog for you.

Unfortunately, I do not have room to offer boarding outside of my regular client base

Pet First Aid Certified By Walks and Wags
Happy Trails is a Bonded and Insured Company

Dog walking services covering Port Perry and the Surrounding area. References upon request .


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"We care when you can't be there"


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